Adding a Gazebo to Your Yard

Every homeowner may have a different reason for adding a gazebo kmfhjmzdto their backyard. Gazebo additions are often used as a kind of covered patio area that allows you to enjoy the natural setting of your yard away from your house. If you have a gardening interest, a gazebo can act as a permanent structure that helps define the garden (known as a garden bone). For general landscaping purposes, a gazebo addition will serve as a more beautifying object than a patio or deck. A deck gazebo can add a feeling of elegance to your deck installation. For outdoor parties, they will give you a covered area to set up a buffet table or an extra gathering area for guests. They are also perfect for more formal events like weddings or receptions after religious ceremonies. But, whatever the intended use, the best gazebo addition is as beautiful as it is functional, as romantic as it is valuable, to your home, your yard, and your life.

Five Keys for the Best Possible Gazebo Installation

  • Gazebo Addition Placement: You might think you want to place your gazebo in the middle

Vertical Garden Tips For Growing Fresh Fruits And Veggies at Your Home

Have you ever thought of producing your own vegetables and fruits at ztgjszrtyour own space? You might have always wished to have a blooming garden at your home but gave up your dream because you live in a crammed city apartment or only have a few square feet of space to hardly utilize for plantation. Surprisingly you can still enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from your very own space by growing up vertical garden on buildings. What makes it different from average gardening is that it is grown vertically. This gives you an option of permanent vegetation on the building walls with minimum maintenance required and you can produce fresh fruits and vegetables season after season. Read on to know how you can get started with it in a proper manner.


At first, you need to decide what you would like to grow on your own and at your garden. Then you need to find out what particular type of soil and weather conditions are favorable for the plantation. In many cases the rules for vertical gardening are

Best Basic Herb Garden Tips

You can dive into planting a basic herb garden in sublime blissful dtzhjnytjignorance. Especially if you choose chives plants as your path into herb gardening. I speak from earthy experience. Despite a bucketful of blunders and missteps, my chives plants were thriving and bountiful.

I admit a happy chance landed chives plants into my life some years ago. Yes, I stumbled into beginning my basic herb garden by planting chives plants aplenty! Usually people are led into planting an herb garden by their love of cooking with herbs. Nope. Not in my case. Although an avid novice gardener, herbs were totally lacking from my cooking. But, an encounter with chives plants in my herb garden changed all that. The entire experience drew me to introduce you to chives as an herb plant for your garden and share my tips and discoveries gardening with chives herbs taught me.

Typically people think of chives as these dried up little green pieces that look like cuttings from your lawn. Sadly little taste survives in this dried version. Most of us get introduced to using chives as an herb simply as a

The Garden Gazebo

The garden gazebo is a thing of beauty, it has been known that in the past kings and queens had enjoyed gazebos in their royal gardens, setting up a trend of garden gazebos for history’s rich and famous.

Using a garden gazebo to any property is a wise step, it seems that what was true many years ago is even more convincing today. Some people use a garden gazebo to increase the value of their property, gifted gardeners can use a garden gazebo to create a division between parts of a garden. In some cases, a big enough garden needs a garden gazebo to hold all the tools that are needed to manicure the flowers and mown.

These days almost anyone can own a garden gazebo, and assemble a garden gazebo in the backyard, garden gazebo kits offer the beauty of a wooden gazebo, many gazebos are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from Victorian and Amish styles to small to party size in diameter. Garden owners can purchase a garden gazebo kit and build their own gazebo by themselves, the kits can range in price and in quality, but the concept of DIY and the average low

Ways to Use Concrete in your Yard

The mental images that the word concrete invokes may not be of something you’d want in your yard but in fact, the landscaping industry has begun to incorporate concrete materials in their designs the past few years with surprising results. Now concrete’s use is growing with the introduction of stained concrete finishes to include patios and driveways as well. You can make use of concrete for various parts of your yard.

1) The most common use is concrete block designs for walkways and paths through a garden. This is usually seen in larger yards but even if your yard is small it can accommodate concrete landscaping. It could be a small patio built from concrete blocks for you and your family to sit in the sun on. It could be a simple concrete planter or two for a small container garden. Or simply a concrete sundial in a flower bed.

2) Stone walls are another form of concrete landscaping that has really caught on. Walls frame the whole home like a frame to a prized painting. There are many reasons to have concrete walls. These walls work well for keeping small pets in the yard, and good for keeping intruders out. The

Time to Redesign Your Garden With Large Garden Pots And Planters

It’s high time that you remodel your garden with large garden pots and planters around. Cut down the chaos of small pots around and go for grand yet minimalistic look with huge planters.


Why maintain a shabby garden when you have so much to choose from the varieties of designer pots and planter available these days. You can choose the look you want to go for and have your own personal space to spend time with your loved ones and that too at the luxury of your own personal space. Be it a cemented Planters India or a designed Planters India, you can opt for what suits your taste best. Be it a rusty look or an elegant modern look, you can go for whatever you like from the wide variety available with us. Be it a wall hanging planters or shelves, go for what you feel is the garden type you wish to have.

Add oodles to your home decor with the large garden pots and have a lush green environment around you. Planters are a best way to bring warmth to your home. It could be onto your patio or up

Home Garden Option The Japanese Garden

Few home improvement activities provide as much direct and natural rewards as building and maintaining a home garden. Still, it’s difficult to know where to begin or, if you like to continually change your garden design, how to choose your next garden theme. The Japanese garden is only one of many popular home gardening styles. It offers unique possibilities and unique challenges that appeal to many home gardeners. Here’s a brief introduction to both the underlying concepts and practices associated with the Japanese garden.

Japanese Garden Design
Japanese gardens are designed with two key concepts: naturalism and symbolism. Naturalism can be a tricky concept to understand in this context—what garden doesn’t feature nature, after all? What distinguishes the naturalism of an authentic Japanese garden is that every design element must be able to be produced by Mother Nature. In other words, ponds shouldn’t be lined with rocks that are laid in straight lines or ninety degree angles. Still, thoughtful design is an integral part of a Japanese garden. It’s not as though you take a handful of seeds and rocks and throw them up into the air to emulate some kind of organic randomness. Along with no geometric lines, use a

Backyard Swing Sets and Kid Slides

With the enormous amount of children’s products available today, deciding what to spend your money on can be difficult. As a parent, you want something that will be durable and provide a lot of good times for your kids. When sifting through the wide variety of games and toys, many find that the things they enjoyed as a child are what they want for their children.

When it comes to classics, a backyard swing set or kid slide is a home addition that has stood the test of time. No matter what the current trends are in children’s products, generations of happy kids have enjoyed swinging and sliding and will no doubt continue to for generations to come.

Backyard Swing Sets
Backyard swing sets are generally made from wood, wooden composite, or metal. Deciding which material to go with can be a difficult one. A backyard swing set made from metal will be sturdier and require little, if any, maintenance. On the other hand, many homeowners shy away from these swing sets because they don’t want their backyard to look like the local, municipal playground. No doubt, a wooden swing set is a classier choice, and if you’re willing to spend the


For many homeowners, spring means it’s time to lace up the garden gloves and get to planting. For a select few, however, gardening is a year round endeavor. For these avid plant enthusiasts, a greenhouse is an absolute must. The addition of one of these structures is a relatively easy and straightforward home improvement project, and the hours of enjoyment you’ll experience throughout the year make it one investment that is well worth the money.

Location, Location, Location
If you’re entertaining how to build a greenhouse on your property, the first thing you need to evaluate is where you’re going to put it. Because a greenhouse is reliant on getting a steady stream of direct sunlight throughout the day, and year round, it pays to take the time to make sure you put it in the optimal spot on your property. As mentioned, direct sunlight, day in and day out, from January to December, is by far the most important factor. Don’t forget that the sun’s position in the sky changes season to season, so make sure you put your green house in a place where it will receive an equal amount of sunlight at Christmas as it does in the

Outdoor Storage Sheds

Has your garage become overrun with lawn and garden equipment? An outdoor storage shed might provide the extra space you need. But before you run out to the home improvement store, here are some things you might consider.

To Build a Shed?
Be sure to check any building codes or zoning laws in your area. You may have to set your storage shed a certain distance back from property lines, and there may be restrictions on what siding materials you can use.

What Size Outdoor Storage Unit Do You Need?
When choosing an outdoor shed design, size does matter. You don’t want to go through the time and expense of erecting an outdoor shed, only to find that you need to move the lawnmower every time you want to shovel the walk! To get a sense of the size shed you need, bring all the equipment you plan to store outside and place it in a rectangle on your lawn or driveway. Measure the perimeter, and you will have a rough idea of how large a shed you’ll need.

Speaking of size, another consideration here is the size of your shed’s doors. The entrance must be wide enough to accommodate your

Outdoor Rooms Enhance Your Outdoor Living

Want to add some extra living space to your home —just reclaim that unused space outside. Outdoor rooms are becoming very popular and not just in warm weather climates. Homeowners are remodeling their decks and patios into small—and full-scale—outdoor kitchens, dining and entertaining areas. They’re even upgrading their electrical and plumbing systems to accommodate outdoor lighting and outdoor showers and sinks.

While building and buying the necessary parts of an outdoor living area isn’t as involved as adding a new room to your house, it does require a fair amount of planning. Before you can begin picking out appliances or tile, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do I want to use this room for? Cooking? Entertaining? Relaxing?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need to build overhead protection in the form of a shade, a pergola, or even extending the roof?
  • Will my plan require additional plumbing?
  • Will my plan require additional electrical circuits?
  • Will I need a building permit?

Entertaining: Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Dining

Even with a small budget you can create an enjoyable outdoor room for dining and entertaining. The obvious first step is to add a deck or patio in your yard. But once you have this accomplished, there are

Portable, Versatile Yurts

To the layperson, a yurt can best be described as a combination between a gazebo and a tent. To the historian, architect, or engineer, the yurt is an important architectural milestone originally designed by the Mongols for steppes housing in the severe climate of the Asian interior. A yurt is a round dwelling, held together at the eaves by a tension band. It has a cone shaped roof with a central compression ring skylight at the roof’s center. Sturdy, durable, earthquake resistant, it’s an excellent shelter against the bitter winds and freezing temperatures of the steppes, Rocky Mountains, or any other harsh climate. It’s the oldest form of prefab indigenous architecture still in use today.

Build a Yurt to Contemporary Standards
You can employ the elements of building a yurt without living like the Mongols of several centuries ago. The main advantages of yurt buildings are the openness and immense feeling of spaciousness, the circular design which promotes discussion and community, and the economical and environmentally-friendly living space. You can build a yurt in a large backyard as a great venue for entertaining or as a guest home. Yurt buildings are also an increasingly popular choice for summer and vacation homes.

Stunning Roof Gardens Also Have Beautiful Advantages

The thought of building a natural oasis on top of a building may seem a little odd, but the fact is that rooftop gardens have been around for centuries. Roof Gardens began in Europe a long time ago and since then have become the latest trend in gardening. Not only are rooftop gardens beautiful and unique, they are also efficient in many unique ways.

Hidden Hideaways (and Benefits)
Of course, one advantages of the roof garden is its secrecy. No more kids, vermin, and strangers tromping through your flowerbeds. Not only does their “secret” location keep them safe, but it adds a concealed privacy to your outdoor habitat. And this uniqueness can actually add economic value to your home due to its aesthetic appeal.

Here are some other ways rooftop gardens benefit you and your environment:

Energy Efficiency: Roof gardens absorb a lot of energy by being on top of a structure. They provide natural noise and thermal heat insulation, thereby cutting down on utility bills. Plus, since the foliage itself needs water and sun, they actually retain twice as much rainfall and sun. What this means for you is less water runoff, and therefore less flooding; and in bigger cities

Heirloom Gardening Tools

Gently worn tools are the hallmark of the true gardener. There’s a patina on the garden tool handles laid in by firm hands over years of digging, turning, cultivating and filling in. Your investment now in good quality gardening tools will last for generations.

A gardener’s tools should match the gardener’s strength and style of gardening. Knowing this, those who sow and reap with the seasons become reliant on these tools of the trade.

Back to Basics

It’s impossible to garden without a basic set of tools. Whether you’re setting up your new garden or upgrading what you already own, spend as much as you can afford on these tools, knowing that they’ll be at your side for years.

Basic quality tools like shovels and forks have heads constructed of high-carbon steel with terms such as “heat treated” or “forged” on the label. The shaft of long handled tools should be a light wood, such as ash, and should be unpainted and free of knots. The weakest part of a tool is where the handle meets the head. Settle for nothing less than a solid metal socket or strapped head with two or three rivets.

Dig It

Call a spade a spade, but never a

Yard Decoration and Yard Design

Yard design is what you make of it. Unlike, say, your house’s foundation, yard decoration and design can be easily changed and changed again as many times as you like. For homeowners with a front yard, backyard, or both, there are lots of things you can add or subtract to improve value, beauty, and function.

Front Yard Design
The front of your house is what the world sees. If a house were a person, the front yard would be what it wore to the prom. Aside from the gnomes, mushrooms, and (classic?) pink flamingoes, the front yard should be adorned with living, breathing decoration. This is where a display of flowers or potted plants can bring visual joy not just to the people who live in the house, but to passersby as well.

Flowers and plants look even better against the backdrop of a lush green lawn. Grass needs a bit of care, especially in drier climates. A lawn irrigation system might be necessary to keep your yard’s curb appeal in top shape. There are a variety of irrigation techniques to choose from, and each works best with certain types of plants. A drip irrigation system, for example, is ideal for flowerbeds

Solarium and Conservatory Construction

Throughout history a solarium has been an area of a home or building that’s focused on harnessing natural light, be it a rooftop terrace or a windowed castle tower. Conservatories were originally built into garden areas and were used as much as greenhouses as extensions of a home. Today, however, both terms are used interchangeably with “sunroom,” and all three refer to glassed in home additions that provide an open, light, and relaxing living space for homeowners to enjoy. If you’re interested in having a sunroom built onto your home, the first thing you need to do is get familiar with solarium and conservatory construction.

Where to Build: Solarium and Conservatory Construction is all about Location
For starters, you’ll need to decide where to build your new sunroom addition. Three main considerations need to be taken into account when it comes to solarium location:

  • Find an appropriate access point to the home. Sunrooms are best when added onto well used, open spaces, since they add light and spaciousness to any adjoining areas. Kitchens are a natural fit, as are living, family, and dining rooms.
  • Choose landscaped and garden areas. Feeling like you’re out in nature is one of the biggest assets of passing

Storage Sheds Walk the Line between Function and Beauty

Storage sheds are an invaluable storage area for your home. Frequently, an outdoor storage shed can make the difference in having a garage where you can park your car. This doesn’t mean your storage shed has to be an eye sore in your yard either. A shed with good wood design and quality can fit in with the rest of your backyard. Size is entirely up to you, a smaller shed might be appropriate for your yard or a bigger shed will allow for all the storage you might need.

Steel v. Wood
As with many areas of home improvement, metal, mostly stainless steel, is becoming an alternative for wood projects. People choose steel sheds because they’re cheaper, easier to install, generally require less maintenance, and their construction creates larger clear spans for storing large items.

On the other hand, not many people like a metal building in their backyard and a basic wood shed is still reasonably priced and usually meets the needs of the typical homeowner. More recently, vinyl and vinyl-coated steel sheds have become available. If you’re looking for an extremely durable shed, but don’t like the look of a steel building this might be the shed for you.


How to Choose The Best Plants For Your Container Garden

Most people like to start off their container garden with small seedling plants instead of waiting for seeds to sprout. Plants that aren’t healthy don’t always make it home from the store in good condition, so knowing how to select healthy plants is important.


You can have all the container garden resources at your fingertips, but if you don’t know the proper method for selecting plants, it could be hard for you to produce a good crop of vegetables.

It is easy to see if a nursery has healthy plants just by walking around and taking a look. If you see too many plants that look like they are dying, you should walk out and try a different nursery.


Do the leaves look rich and green? And are they shiny and lush? If they don’t look right, they are probably already stressed and won’t produce well. The leaves are the first thing you should inspect before making a purchase

Insects or Leaf Damage

You may not see insects crawling on the leaves, but check the for spots that could be the indication of bugs. Be sure and check the backside of the leaves as well for

Why Everybody Should Have a Pool Cleaner

A good pool filter is vital to creating good quality pool water that reduces the incidence of algae and helps maintain pH levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. Even the best pool filters will leave extra dirt and debris scattered about your pool. An additional pool cleaner should be used once a week. This can be a time-consuming process unless you’re willing to invest in an automatic above ground or in ground pool cleaner. These pool cleaners will allow you to enjoy your pool with minimal maintenance, making their investment and your investment in the pool itself worthwhile.

In Ground Pool Cleaners v. Above Ground Pool Cleaners
The difference between in ground pool cleaners and above ground pool cleaners is mostly about structure and range. The basic technology for each is essentially the same. In ground pool cleaners are built to facilitate the submerged nature of the pool and are often designed to work in depths up to 8 feet. For deeper in ground pools, a higher-end, specifically designed in ground pool cleaner may be needed.

Much like the pools themselves, above ground pool cleaners are cheaper than their in ground counterparts. Above ground pool cleaners should work just as efficiently but, keep

Getting Rid of That Pesky Pool Algae

Good pool maintenance will usually prevent the formation of pool algae. Proper chlorine and pH levels will produce an environment which makes it all but impossible for pool algae to grow. General pool cleanliness is also important. Still, even a conscientious homeowner can occasionally run into an algae attack on his or her pool. If you now how to properly treat your pool, you should be able to remedy this problem in a timely fashion so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

Algae Dangers
Besides the simple fact that most people don’t want to swim in an algae-infested pool, algae can represent indirect but real dangers to your pool. Algae presents no immediate danger to swimmers. Limited pool visibility is an unnecessary risk to identifying items and debris in your pool and hinder rescue efforts for potential drowning victims. The presence of algae is also a clear sign of poor quality pool water that may also contain E. coli and other dangerous microorganisms. Needless to say, you’ll want to take care of your pool algae problem before you venture into your pool.

Algae Treatment
Ridding your pool of algae shouldn’t be too difficult, but it can be annoying and relatively